Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to assist you throughout the entire process of buying and selling with Metro Auctions. Browse through the categories below for information about the auction process. If you still have specific questions, please contact us.



How do I register at an Auction?

All prospective bidders can register in person on auction day starting two hours before the start of the sale as well as anytime throughout the auction.

Do I have to be a dealer to attend your sales?

No. Anyone may bid and buy. Our auctions are open to the public as well as to dealers. 

What do I need to register?

A valid driver’s license is required to register and bid at our auctions, if you are purchasing for a company, you will need all of your company’s information, including any tax exempt certificates, if required. Whomever the company agent designates to register must provide a valid driver’s license.

When is auction preview/inspection?

Auction preview/inspection is approximately two hours before the sale on auction day.

Do you offer pre-registration online?

We currently require you register in person for our auctions—we do not pre-register online or over the phone. If you wish to bid online you can register through our website by clicking on "Bid Online" button which will re-direct you to Proxibid, our Third-Party internet bidding provider.

Taxes & Fees

Does it cost to register?

There is no fee to register for our auctions and they’re open to the public.  

Is there a buyer’s fee?    

Metro Auctions charges a 15% buyer’s premium for all purchases made at our auctions.

Do you charge sales tax?

Yes, in most states we are required by law to collect sales tax.

If I am tax exempt, do I need to bring documentation?

Yes, to claim exemption you will need to bring your valid, local and signed resale certificate. 

Tax exemption claims will not be considered once payment has been made and items have been removed. 

Out-of-state shipments are exempt from tax if shipped directly from the auction site and a BILL OF LADING is provided.


When is payment due?

Complete payment from buyer is due on day of sale.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and cashier’s checks - made payable to Metro Auctions LLC. No personal or company checks will be accepted.

Can I leave a deposit and then come back with the remaining balance later?

Deposits are collected during the sale after each purchase you make. The remainder of your balance is due at the announced checkout time by the Auctioneer. 

Removing Your Purchases After the Auction   

How long do I have to pick up my purchase?

Purchased Items can only be removed from the premises of the auction within the removal time as announced at the sale by the Auctioneer and as indicated on the Invoice.

Who do I call if I cannot get my items out in the allotted time?

Call us immediately at (203) 676-5856. If Purchased Items are not removed by the Removal Deadline, such Purchased Items will be deemed abandoned by the Buyer. 

If I send a shipper to remove my items, what do they have to bring?

Whomever you choose to remove your items, whether you or the shipper, must have identification as well as a copy of your paid-in-full invoice. No items will be removed without this information.  The shipper will also have to sign off release of liability waiver as well.


How do I sell my items/business at auction?

Call today for a free, private, and confidential consultation.

What does absolute auction mean?

An absolute auction is a type of auction where the sale is awarded to the highest bidder.  Absolute auctions do not have a reserve price which sets the minimum required bid for the item to be sold.

How can I ensure that sales are safe and secure?

Metro Auctions is fully licensed, bonded and insured to industry standards as required by New York State Law. Purchased items do not leave the auction premises until all invoices are PAID IN FULL.

What are your commission rates?

Rates for each auction are subject to private negotiation.

How soon do I get paid?

Full settlements, in the form of an Escrow Account Check are required to be completed and delivered within 14 days after completion of auction.  Metro Auctions will provide you with a complete auction summary that includes the auction accounting report, auction expense report and all applicable invoices and relevant documentation.