High End Electrical Supplies: LED Lighting, Recessed Lighting, Electrical Enclosures, Large Fuses, Circuit Panels, Enclosed Industrial Lighting. 

Safety Equipment: Wet and Dry Fire Extinguishers, Extinguisher Stands, Slow-Stop Guards, Shower/Eyewash Stations.

Conveyors: Gearboxes, Direct Drive Motors, Conveyor Roller Runs, Conveyor Parts.

BEGINS: Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 2:00 PM.

LOCATION: 199 West Ruby Ave. Palisades Park, New Jersey 07650



(TRAILER #1) (R53718)

(5) Amerex Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher. Model: B260

(73) Amerex Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher. Model: A411

(26) Buckeye Model: 20 lb ABC Fire Extinguisher

(93) Hallmann Sales - Safety Mate - Fire Extinguisher Stand

1/4” Angle Iron 20’ x 2” x 2” & 6” Beams

Tear Drop Pallet Racking

(25) Pallet Racking Beams 8’

(21) HD Shelving Brackets (Chrome)

(5) Little Giant Pallet Dolly

(55) Hardwood Flooring 7’ Varnish finished. Tongue & Groove

(37) FSI 96 Non-Skinning Butyl Sealant

Baldor Elec Co TI Gear2 Part #: 30A15L18

(TRAILER #2) (53-111)

(3) T&S Safe T Link Water Appliance Connectors w/ Quick Disconnect

(9) H.E. Williams, Inc. LED Light Fixtures Type: L13

(64) H.E. Williams, Inc. LED Light Fixtures Type: L15

Global Industrial 5500lb Pallet Jack

(7) Kohler Kingston Wall Mount Lavatory (White)

(12) Datile Ceramic Wall Tile (100 units/box)

(11) LittleGiant VCMA-20 Condensate Pumps

(3) Eaton Electrical Enclosure Type 3R 7’ ½” x 2’

(4) Eaton Electrical Enclosure (Indoor) 7 ½’ x 2’

Eaton Electrical Enclosure (Indoor) 7 ½’ x 2’

(10) Ceramic Tile 11 3/16” x 23 5/8” (80/Case)

(2) Automatic Shutoff Valves

(6) Eaton Industrial Fuse 15CLE-175E AMPS

(6) Eaton Industrial Fuse 15CLE-80E AMPS

Newton Hand Dryer Wall Mount Kit (For EXCEL DRYER)


(5) H.E. Williams, Inc. LED Light Fixtures Type: L12

(2) H.E. Williams, Inc. LED Light Fixtures Type: L18

(8) H.E. Williams, Inc. LED Light Fixtures Type: L14

(12) H.E. Williams, Inc. LED Light Fixtures Type: L19

(15) H.E. Williams, Inc. LED Light Fixtures Type: L10

(Trailer #3) (53-07)

(6) Barn Light Electric Ceiling Light

(26) Barn Light Ceiling Light (BLE-C-DBW10-PC-200)

(11) Peerless Panel Lights. Model: L8 (*247VN6)

(5) Oracle Lighting Type: F6E (4-OC1-LED-4000L-DIM10-MVOLT-50K-85)

(38) Intense Lighting LED Recessed Lights F6 (Model #: RP41500358)

(3) Cooper Lighting Lumark 150W MP MT PRISM GLASS LENS (WPP15)

(2) Cord Kit 24pcs/box

(2) Outdoor LED Light

(9) Topaz VFW100WCG Vapor Proof Fixture Wall Mount w/ Cast Guard


(15) LED Flood Light Bulbs

(14) Luxrite LED Bulbs

(40) Green Creative Lightbulbs Model: 9A19DIM/830

(24) Intense Lighting Light Reflectors. Type: F5

(70) Intense Lighting Replacement LED Lights. Type: L14

Assorted Cat5/6e wire and light sockets

(5) Intense Lighting F19/F19A Downlight (Model #: MXG2DRTR-NCL2D101)

(16) Intense Lighting Impression LED Downlight (Model #: IL-DRTR-NCL335D10V-60)

(15) Intense Lighting F19 Trim

(10) H.E. Williams, Inc. LED Ceiling Lights. Type: F22 Prod#: (90655531-1)

(15) Hatch 120V input Electronic AC LED Driver

(18) Xeleum Athena Series LED Stairwell Lighting

(9) Solais Lighting Recessed Lighting Fixture X11-WH

(9) Solais Lighting Recessed Lighting Fixture (XSR11-20-WH-WH)

(27) Eaton 4’ SN LED LENS (MFG: 47945645)

(27) Eaton 4’ 4SN LED Light (MFG: 47126526)

(4) Encore Lighting UNO Exit Signs

(5) Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Control System (Model: PAR-32MAA)

(3) Square D Motor Starter Switch

(3) Square D FHP Manual Starter

(TRAILER #4) ( 53-11)

(2) Eaton KD35K Industrial Circuit Breaker Frame

Eaton 100 Amp Circuit Breaker

(2) Square D Heavy Duty Safety Switch

Eaton Heavy Duty Safety Switch

MGM Transformer Co. 30KVA. Dry Transformer. 3- Phase.

(2) Eaton Dry-Type Distribution Transformer. DT-3 KVA30

(3) Eaton Circuit Breaker Pnael 3-Phase w/ EHD 14K Breaker

(2) Loren Cook Company Model: 300 SQN Square Centrifugal High Pressure Inline Blower (Belt Drive)

(7) Eaton 200A HD Safety Switch

(8) Eaton 100A HD Safety Switch

(3) Eaton 250A Industrial Circuit Breaker

Eaton 400A Panel Board

(3) Eaton PRL4B Power Line Panel Breaker

(2) Eaton 400A HD Safety Switch

Captive Aire Direct Industrial Air Heater

(2) Loren Cook Company Model: 150 SQN

Loren Cook Company Model: 180 SQN

(5) H.E. Williams, Inc. LED Light Fixtures Type: L15

(4) Picama 2” Elbow EMT (10/box)

Eaton Industrial Circuit Breaker

(2) Verge LVRD3 5-Faucet Lavatory Sink

Box of String Lighting

(6) Metalaire 19” Vent Levers

Metalaire 20” Vent Levers

Loren Cook Company 200KSP

Enervex EXH0039 Blower Exhaust

(44) RAB H250PSQ Metal Halide Hi Lo Bay

(2) Loren Cook Company Centrifugal Square Inline Fans Model: SQN-120

(2) Premium efficiency 3-phase Induction Motor

(2) Guardian Eye Wash and Shower Station with Guardian G3800LF Water Tempering Valve, 44 GPM Capacity (Wall Mounted)

(2) Bell & Gossett Series e-80 Close Coupled In-Line Centrifugal Pumps

(Trailer #5) (53679)

(2) 22” wide conveyor runs (45 degree turn)

(2) 22” wide conveyor runs (straight)

1 – 69” long & 1 – 81” long

(8) 11” wide conveyor runs (w/45 degree step down)

114” long

(5) 11” wide conveyor runs (straight) 80” long

(17) 11” wide conveyor runs (straight) 32” long

(5) 11” wide conveyor runs (straight) 70” long

(6) 11” wide conveyor runs (straight) 60” long

11” wide conveyor runs (straight) 114” long

(16) Baldor Elec. TiGear2 Gear box 202A10R14

(5) Baldor Elec. TiGear2 Gear box 26A10L18

(50) 440 Butyl gasket rolls EG0810

Misc. EMT Conduit 90 degree 1.24”

(48) Wall mount Wire Glove Racks #394RWGD3

Mid Atlantic 3’ Power Strip

(3) 6” Thermoflex Duct 25’

(2) 30” X 30” X56” Square Plenum

(2) SS Platforms 16” X 68”

(3) Crates full of Conveyor parts (Rollers, Pullys, heels Legs Gussets, Nuts and Bolts)

(6) Baldor SuperE Direct Driver Motors VEBM3615T-D

(23) Baldor SuperE Direct Driver Motors VEBM3542T-D

(16) Loading Dock Door Insulators (3 Pcs each)

(2) Loren Cook Company 6020 EW6 60EW620B Industrial Fan

(64) Plastic Pipe Covers

(18) Slowstop Gaurding Systems 4” Elbow

(17) Slowstop Gaurding Systems 4” TEEs Connector

(3) Slowstop Gaurding Systems 4” Four Way Connector

(22) Amerex Fire Extinguisher Brackets (2/Box)

(8) Slowstop Gaurding Systems 4” Pedestal Base Kit

(3) Slowstop Gaurding Systems 6 ¾” Pedestal Bases

(9) Slowstop Gaurding Systems Guard Rails 14 ft

(9) Slowstop Gaurding Systems 4” diameter guard rails

(4) Slowstop Gaurding Systems 6” Bullard w/ holes

(50) Insulated container boxes

Large qty Metro Rack Shelves and poles

And so much more!

Auction Details


Registration & Inspection: Day of Sale. 12:00 pm - 2:00 PM

Auction Date & Time:  Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 2:00 PM

Auction Location: 199 West Ruby Ave. Palisades Park, New Jersey 07650

Photos: Complete photo galleries are located below. Send inquiries to for additional information on specific auction items. 



Buyer’s Premium:  A 15% Buyer’s Premium will be added to the Successful Bidder’s high bid.

Payment:  Cash or Cashier’s checks only - made payable to Metro Auctions, LLC. A minimum deposit of 50% or $100, whichever is greater, is required upon your first purchase and all purchases thereafter. If a $100 deposit is made but less than $100 was spent, the remainder will be refunded.

Removal: All purchased items must be removed by Friday, November 16th, @ 5:00 pm. No exceptions. If items are not removed by then, deposits will be forfeited.

Please download the complete Terms and Conditions of Sale below for more information.

Questions? Please Contact us at (203) 824-6242

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